Had a bike nicked, or know someone who has ?
List the details in here.
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Hi fellow enthusiasts,

Recently I've had the immense mis-fortune to have 5 of my classic bikes stolen!
I'm not sure how much detail I should reveal here but the basic's are as follows,

They were stolen from one location in rural Worcester and are as follows,

AJS 250 14CSR, 1966, Blue and chrome finish, in complete running and unrestored condition.

Ducati 250 MKIII, American Diana spec but basically a Mach 1 with high handlebars, reg'd 1970 but I believe a 1966 MY.
In almost complete but work in progress restoration. All sheet metal sprayed matt gold purely to prevent rust. Some parts
had been removed and are still in my possession. A very rare machine, should stand out like a sore thumb!

Triumph Tiger 80, 1938 model, 350cc.
In almost complete, as original condition but needing full restoration, so noticeably rusty but with some of the original finish evident.
Some parts removed which are still in my possession. One thing easily identifies it, the forks are 3HW, I have some originals which
were to replace those. I am VERY pi55ed off about losing this one!! :twisted:

Ducati 160 Monza Junior, 1970. Almost complete condition, the engine is removed though and the scrotes missed that, I still have it!
Tank badly painted in red with hand painted Ducati on the sides.

Matchless WD G3L, genuine WW2 machine. Reg'd 1960. Complete running machine in olive drab.
In good but not anywhere near concourse condition. No panniers. Easily identified by virtue of having Yamaha trail
bike pillion footrests welded into the rear subframe footrest clevis mounts! Like that when I bought it.
I had obtained a NOS frame and forks with V5 to replace that butchery, this was also stolen with the machine.
VERY pi55ed off about this one too :twisted:

They were stolen some weeks ago, due to the storage location being some distance from my house I only became aware of the theft a few days ago.
I do have all the V5's and lots of other documentation as I've owned all 5 machines for many years, as far back as 1983 in the case of the Triumph.
So far I haven't been contacted by the DVLA about V5 requests.
I have made a full report and given a statement to the police as there are circumstances that suggest a known third party is involved in some way, consequently they will be investigating the crime.
The culprits left 2 other, less valuable/desirable machines and lots of other parts etc, so it seems to have been a targeted theft.

I'm devastated about losing these machines, in particular the Triumph and Matchless, they weren't insured and I don't have a prayer of ever replacing them financially.
I know that it will be a miracle to ever find and recover them but if anyone has even the slightest of information about any of the machines, please contact me without hesitation.
May the culprits suffer a extremely painful and prolonged fate!

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