Honda CB250RS Cush Drive Bushes

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Honda CB250RS Cush Drive Bushes

Unread post by johnm » Thu May 09, 2019 9:39 pm

Evening all,

A current project following a rest from my old Bantam is a 1980 Honda CB250RS, which is undergoing full restoration. I have managed to remove the worn out sprocket cush drive rubber bushes (after much cursing) and now I need to find new replacements. This seems to be easier said than done. David Silver do not list them and cannot get any (Now discontinued). I have ordered them twice online from two different ebay sellers and they have sent the wrong ones on both occasions (the much smaller ones for the Xl125 it appears) and don't seem to be able to help with the correct ones.

Am I correct in saying that they have the same part number at the start and the difference is in the end part number? This could be where they are getting confused with their parts lists. I have not quoted any numbers I have left it to them.

Anyway the point of my topic is : Where can I get them? I am running out of ideas would a supplier of rubber suspension car type bushes be any good? Would they be the right type? Any help would be much appreciated.

Sorry to go on a bit I am getting a bit frustrated with this , Oh the joy of old bikes!

Cheers John

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Re: Honda CB250RS Cush Drive Bushes

Unread post by mervin » Sat May 25, 2019 12:06 pm

slim chance they are the same size size as yamaha rd/xs ones , yambits has had them remanafactured , maybe worth emailing dave explaining situation stating dimensions of yours and asking if they do by any chance measure up the same ... ps312e1l47
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