Triumph Tiger 90 Piston Rings / Pushrod Tubes

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Triumph Tiger 90 Piston Rings / Pushrod Tubes

Unread post by johnm » Wed Mar 14, 2018 10:42 pm

Hi All

Hope I can get some help with a query I have on my Tiger 90 350 twin 1964. I am doing a top end rebuild and I need some advice on a few issues.

The parts manual lists two taper compression rings and one oil ring per piston for the T90 and the 3TA lists one plain/one taper and one oil ring per piston. I am having trouble locating the taper rings needed and can only find plain rings, oil rings no problem. Should I just fit the plain rings and forget the taper rings? What's the point/benefit of the taper ring? Is it anything to do with the increased compression of the T90? I may be over thinking this one, but I would like to get it right if I can.

When it comes to the dreaded pushrod tubes and seals should I bed the seals in with any sealant?  Wellseal/Hermetite or similar.

Many thanks for your help, cheers John

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