Not starting, no "wet finger tip" ;-)

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Not starting, no "wet finger tip" ;-)

Unread post by rikard454 » Wed Aug 03, 2016 6:52 pm

Hello all!
I cannot get my 1953 Horex to start, last year it ran just fine and usually started on the first or second kick and although I appreciate the work-out I am getting while kicking it I would strangely enough prefer to get it running ;-)

I get a spark, it has fuel in the tank and both fuel cocks are fully open.

But.... There is small "tickle button" on the flotation chamber (Bing carb) that I used to press three or four times and was always rewarded with a small dab of fuel on my finger tip :-) But this does not happen now, no matter how many times I "tickle it" the small button/my finger tip remains dry as the Sahara desert...

Does this indicate that it does not get fuel? Maybe the carb needs a cleaning after the bike has been sitting since last September.... The winter before that it was disassembled and cleaned by a semi-pro mechanic using a ultra sound cleaner so it should not be too bad (driven maybe 500 km's or do since then). But I guess with all these additives they put in our gasoline all shit can happen :-(

Any advice for an amateur like me?

Rikard "from up by the Arctic Circle"

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Re: Not starting, no "wet finger tip" ;-)

Unread post by Zunspec » Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:31 pm

If fuel is getting to the carb I would suspect a sticking float needle. Try tapping the side of the carb with the handle of a screw driver to see if it jars loose. Otherwise remove the float bowl and clean the float needle.

Cheers Geoff

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