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Unread post by DAVE M2 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:41 pm

I picked up a small compressor a few years ago and since then have bought Lidl/Aldi and odd tools as and when.
Since a friend of a friend fitted my compressor with a hose that takes 1/4 BSP male air fittings, I have changed all my tools to that connector.

It's the long style like this ... 58add2861a" onclick=";return false;
Normally I have no issues.

The air inflator that I bought (£10?) has the Euro fitting but I can't swap it out to my fittings as the thread is different?
So what do I look for? i.e. the male end as I have already, but some metric(?) thread?
I have never had this before.

I want to do this cheaply, or just buy a more suitable inflator (with electronic gauge) that would fit

cheers guys


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